Sketches based on Metisse, MK2 and mk7

first photoshop images based on a CRF450

3d Sections and basic 1/1 escale Foam model

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  1. Those sketches are really nice, Good project! I hope to see your bikes on a track in the future!

  2. Bultaco Pursang, yes definately! By all means build it, especially if it is true to the original concept. Lean, fast, great handling and all business while still being the best looking bike out there. But don't make a geeky designer effort. The drawings you have done, whie interesting make for a silly looking and in at least one version, unraceble bike. KTMalready designs a goofy looking bike plastic wise. Move away from the artsy, "cutting edge" concept and design a more mainstream style(see "YAMAHA or KAWASAKI") and focus on making it a cutting edge racer. Then you will have something I would invest my money in.